Supply Spare Parts

Doing an appliance repair yourself?

When repairing any appliance yourself and purchasing spare parts from us, please note that we have a NO WARRANTY, NO EXCHANGE OR REFUND policy.

As much as we would like to, we can not diagnose problems with your appliance over the phone, we think guessing is unprofessional and a disservice to our customers.

If you are guessing and not 100% sure of the problem or even what part you may need then don’t muck about. We suggest having our qualified technicians inspect your appliance by booking a service call. You can rest easy knowing that your appliance is in the best of hands – our technicians. We will service your appliance and get the job done right.

Purchasing Spare Parts

If it is just spare parts you require, we may have your part in stock or if not, we can order from our supplier on your behalf and then the part/s will be delivered to your front door or place of business.

  • Please note that all spare parts will be ordered according to your appliance’s model number to ensure the correct part is sent
  • Payment is via Visa or MasterCard and must be paid before the parts are ordered from our supplier and couriered out to you

*Delivery for spare parts is within our service areas only – Springwood to Parramatta, Windsor to Liverpool, Hills District

Spare Parts listing

Ovens, Upright Stoves and Cook tops:
– Elements for the Grill, Cook tops (coil and solid) and ovens (including fan forced)
– Trim rings
– Sockets
– Switches
– Seals
– Hinges
– Springs
– Fan motors
– Thermostat
Plus much more

– Seals – cabinet and bottom
– Cutlery baskets
– Rollers for top and bottom baskets
– Spray arms
– Hinges
– Elements
– Pumps
– Timers & PC Boards (new only, no exchange units)
Plus much more

Fridges & Freezers
– Thermostats
– Defrost elements
– Fan motors
– Seals
– Accessories such as shelves, crispers, crisper covers, dairy doors etc
– Filters for ice & water dispensers
Plus much more

Washing machines
– Timers & PC boards (new only, no exchange units)
– Pumps
– Motors (new only, no exchange units)
– Lids
– Agitators
– Filters
– Belts
– Knobs
Plus much more

– Lint filters
– Drum and fan belts
– Door clips
– Support and spigots
– Timers
– Elements
– Discomelts
– Capacitors
– Switches
Plus much more